I am a fourth year PhD student at the Center for Atmosphere-Ocean Science (CAOS) at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. My advisor is Laure Zanna.

My research aims to constrain estimates for future sea level extremes under changing atmospheric forcing variability due to climate change. I mainly rely on data-driven methods at the intersection of probability, classical statistics, computing, and machine learning to build understanding about sea level variability. I’m an affiliate of M2LInES and am supported by the VoLo Foundation.

I’m a Wisconsinite, a marathoner, an amateur piano player, and an avid Mets supporter (though perhaps not as much of a baseball fanatic as my advisor)!


Timeseries of sea level observations at Battery Park, New York, NY, with computed trends + climatology.


JJA sea level timeseries and quantile trends at Ishigaki, Japan, with comparison of distributions between first 10 years and last 10 years of observational record.


Cross-shelf sea level anomaly return levels off the eastern coast of South America in CM2.6 simulations.